A personal interview with Cas Peace about publishing her books on the Amazon website

Interview with Astrid Haig-Smith

Interview with Astrid Haig-Smith plus the song "The Wheel Will Turn"

Interview on Live Wire Radio Programme

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Cas Peace Only (file size 19.72mb)
Interview 21.08.12 by Astrid Haigh-Smith, talking about the release of King's Champion, Book Two in the Artesans of Albia series.

Interview with Cas Peace with song (file size 17.24 mb)
Interview August 2011 by Astrid Haigh-Smith, talking about King's Envoy, Book One in the Artesans of Albia series, and also "The Wheel Will Turn", the song from the book.

Live Wire Interview - Cas Only (file size 19.72 mb)
Interview Oct 2012 by Phil Ray for Live Wire Talk, talking about fantasy books and folk songs.