I "met" Cas on an Internet book community platform a couple of years ago and once I'd discovered she offered editing services to authors, I asked her to proof-read my second book for me. Not only did she do a fantastic job of proofing it line by line, mistake by mistake, she also offered me invaluable advice on style, grammar, consistency and construction. My work has been infinitely improved through her input. I have had previous work proofed and edited to varying degrees of satisfaction, but Cas' approach, professionalism and thoroughness is second to none. Her attention to detail is surpassed only by the polite and good-natured use of her editing pen. Whilst highlighting the (many!) errors throughout my book and suggesting improvements, Cas was definitely more constructive than destructive and the results were a transformation from rough to polished. I would recommend Cas without hesitation and I shall certainly use her services for any future projects.
Tony Lewis. If Only I could Talk, Tales From The Hilltop.
If only I could talk
Tales from the hilltop
I feel as though I cannot find the right words to describe the wonderful services Cas Peace has given me with my work. I believe every now and then we are rewarded with an opportunity to meet someone who will change our lives forever. Meeting Cas was one of those times. It was more than chance that we met. I am grateful for it having happened. Cas has been a tremendous asset in transforming my writing into a manuscript suitable for publication. She has spent hours detailing every last sentence. I was utterly amazed by what I saw. Not only did she focus on grammar and story structure, she helped with character development and strengthened my book in ways I can only describe as magical. I will continue to use Cas as my personal editor and I am not shy to mention her to others. I highly recommend her and her services.
Mikey Brooks, The Dream Keeper.
I cannot express well enough my appreciation and admiration of Cas Peace and her skills as an editor. Her work with me on my debut novel, Veil of the Dragon, was exemplary, her insight and recommendations spot on. But just as important, and part of that, was her ability to listen to, and be sensitive to, the voice and rhythm of the story. There is no way I can thank her enough.
Tom Barczak, Awakening Evarun, Veil of the Dragon.
visit: tombarczak.Com
As someone who is new to the world of publishing and editing, I can testify as to how hard it is to admit that your darling’ manuscript needs big changes in order to make it work as well as you’d like. We’ve heard the stories, rejection followed by doubts concerning what it is we’re doing. Do we really want to get published? Maybe we should just focus on something else. Cas has helped me hugely, and with such enthusiasm and positivity that I was compelled to push forward. Just what a new writer needs, Cas is. Her editing skills and insight into what makes a reader tick are the perfect tools to shape a raw manuscript into a thing of beauty, and so a big thank you to her for the kind words, honest advice and valuable criticism without which I would still be staring at a mess. Thank you Cas!
Dave Clifton, The Colour of Fate (wIP)
I find the easiest thing about writing is writing. The hardest thing is getting people to read what I write and by that I mean the right people, the publishers and editors who rule the lives of aspiring authors. I thought I could write and have suffered enough rejections for a lifetime. I am now published; well published. My recent experience with Cas Peace made me realise how little I know and convinced me I don’t have to accept rejection. Cas took the raw carbon of my manuscript and with her skill and knowledge polished it into a shining diamond; and I learned so much. I learned I will never be too old to learn. She perused every letter and every perspective of my manuscript and put it right; making what I write harder to be rejected. I thank Cas for opening the write doors’ for me and the results are there.
Roy Jenner, The Bringing Down of the Hawk.
visit: www.smashwords.com
Cas Peace is the best possible editor: fair and firm in equal measure. She highlights those schoolgirl errors - the clichés, grammatical flaws, hackneyed ideas and inconsistencies – and makes excellent suggestions on how to address them. She is unstinting with praise where praise is due: entirely honest regarding the potential selling-power of the work; is methodical, painstakingly thorough; and maintains contact throughout the editing process. I would recommend that any prospective writer avail him or herself of the service she provides.
Mara MacSeoinin, The Dawn Herald (WIP).
I first encountered Cas Peace whilst I was struggling to finish my ebook, Midlife Mayhem, and to say that it would never have seen the light of day without her would be an understatement. Apart from her expertise as an editor – which is considerable – it is through her understanding of the writer’s mindset that her real talents emerge. She cares, listens, empathizes and understands. Then she guides you in a direction that may not seem obvious at first, but turns out to be precisely what your writing needed; for, as much as she connects with the writer, she understands the needs of the audience too and helps you to tailor your work for best effect. (She has also shown herself to be adept at dealing with writers’ tantrums on occasion). It is therefore without hesitation - and with heartfelt gratitude - that I can recommend Cas to other writers. She is one in a million.
I have known Cas Peace online for several years. During that time, we have both reviewed many of the same materials, and I have developed a deep respect for her knowledge and her instinct for good writing. I was also fortunate enough to have her edit my fantasy novel, "A Sword Called...Kitten?" During that process, I was impressed by her insight and quick understanding of written prose, her sympathetic attitude towards her client, and the thoroughness of her proofreading (She was Instrumental in my reassessment of my use of commas). 90 percent of the novels I review online are in desperate need of services of the quality she can provide, and the other ten percent could probably learn something from her as well. I would be happy to have her work on any novel of mine, and highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve his or her prose in any way.
Gordon A. Long - Editor, Airborn Press.
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I’ve heard that writing a novel is like driving at night on an unfamiliar road. For me, that was undoubtedly true and as a consequence I found myself a bit lost; making it up as I went along. Cas Peace was my Sat-Nav. She got me from location unknown’ to final destination’ without crashing in a flaming heap, and for that I will always be enormously grateful. Cas has the enviable ability to take a raw piece of work and see the potential, even through the painful mistakes of an amateur. More than that though, she has the expertise to help the writer realise that potential. At many times on my own literary journey I very nearly turned the car around and headed home; it was Cas who kept me going and made my novel a reality. Her enthusiasm and genuine care for those she helps makes her the greatest asset any writer could ask for.
Steven D Jackson, Author Of The Paranormal Thriller 'Shifter.’
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Also See Rhemalda.Com

Cas Peace is a delight to work with. Her suggestions are honest, insightful and she never compromises the integrity of your narrative. I found her very approachable, no silly question too small and her attention to detail meticulous. The service she offered was also quick. I will certainly require her services again.

Judith Arnopp - Author of The Winchester Goose

Website: Juditharnopp.com/
Cas Peace is one of those rare people who have what I call ‘a seeing eye.’ She brings this to bear on your manuscript with meticulous attention to detail, weeding out errors of lazy syntax and grammatical inconsistencies by thorough proofreading. She is also able to provide an intelligent overview of the whole project, with valuable criticism and honest advice. She offers a real quality service and I am delighted to recommend her.
Helen Spring. The Chainmakers, Strands of Gold, Memories of the Curlew, Blood Relatives (WIP).
Working with Cas Peace has been a wonderful experience. At first I was put-off, thinking she would be far more expensive than I could afford, and having experienced her editing services, she’s likely worth every penny I imagined. Yet she graciously worked with me and we came to a rate and pay schedule that my finances agreed with. Apart from pointing out typos and grammar issues, and even just relaying her opinion, she seems to delve into the work as if it were her own. However she can still size everything up with the clearer eyes of an observer. Those two things together are priceless. She gives praise where it’s due, criticism and comment where they’re needed. She’s even battled some semi-renowned stubbornness for the good of a story (she was victorious, if anyone is wondering). Personally, I’ve enjoyed all the conversations we’ve had about every facet of my novel. Beyond that, she’s been kind enough to put up with my sporadic, attention-deficit, stressed-out nature which has made her task with my work a long-running one. Before hiring Cas, I thought my novel was turning out well and would be a good candidate for publication when finished. She’s improved on so much of what she’s read that I feel even more confident.
Rachel Summerhill. Into the Blind Darkness (WIP).

After having read and loved King’s Envoy, I was thrilled when fantasy author Cas Peace agreed to re-edit my novel, Lodestone (Witch-Hunt Series). I was impressed with her writing style, novel structure and character developments and wished to add professional polish to my novel before I released it in print.
Not only did Cas re-edit into US spelling, she thoroughly edited for grammar and offered structural advice. Her suggestions for word exchanges were insightful and appropriate. Subtle sentence restructures and tightening of phrases enabled story clarity.
I take full responsibility for any errors within Lodestone as sometimes I chose (for author reasons) to follow my own instincts (not very often).
I’m absolutely delighted with the work Cas did and Lodestone has become a gorgeous book I’m proud of.
I hope Cas will be available to edit my future offerings. Thanks so much for your meticulous attention to detail and for your generosity in helping this author.
I highly recommend Cas Peace as an editor and an author.

Wendy Scott - Author of Lodestone: (Witch-hunt).

As a first time author, the thought of anyone taking a critical eye to my manuscript was horrifying. What Cas excels at is providing constructive criticism; pointing out mistakes, large and small, in a polite and knowledgeable way. Not only did she correct my many grammatical errors, but she caught several plot holes that would have been disastrous if left alone. Her advice has been immeasurable, and I have greater confidence in my manuscript after her thorough review. I look forward to working with her in the future, and would recommend her services to anyone who respects an honest and accurate critique.

Madison Rucker - Author of The Abiding

Cas Peace does a wonderful job putting the final touches on any manuscript. I've found her comments on continuity or clarity issues to be courteous and necessary. I've worked with other editors in the past who seem to make comments just for the sake of occupying themselves, but that's not the case with Cas. The times she's indicated an issue, I've agreed with her completely, and the manuscript was improved considerably as a result of the extra treatment. I have tremendous faith in her skills and I am reluctant to return to a manuscript she has worked on for fear of inserting new errors. She charges a very reasonable price and completes the work promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve a manuscript. She's so good I find myself reluctant to work with anyone else.

Walter Rhein - Author of  Reckless Traveler

I cannot praise Cas Peace highly enough for the help she has given me in editing my first ever completed book. Her proofreading skills, constructive comments and advice have made a huge difference to the finished product. I believe that I have far more chance in both publishing and selling my writing now. She has helped me to make my writing tighter, and to come across more confidently. She has brought out the best in my work and taught me so much in the process. Yet my writing remains my writing, still in my own voice. It is a rare skill to be able to help others attain the highest standard of writing they can reach, without corrupting their individual style or altering the essence of their writing. Thank you Cas. As the Terminator said, “I’ll be back.”

Blulu - Author of Look After The Ounces (Lato) and Bread of Heaven (WIP)