This is Milo as we first saw him at the kennels where he was being cared for. He clearly had Saluki genes and we thought he was probably a Saluki/Whippet cross. The kennels had christened him Freddie, and he had been abandoned at just 8 weeks old. He was taken to a veterinary surgery by some people who said they had found him tied to a tree in the woods. I have my doubts about their story of ‘finding’ him because they refused to give any of their details, but at least he was taken somewhere safe, rather than being left to fend for himself.
























After we had seen him at the kennels and decided to give him a home, he was brought to us by our local dog warden to see whether Milly would like him. He would stay for a week on a trial basis, just in case Milly didn’t take to him. We were loaned a crate because of course, he wasn’t house trained, and also a harness as we had no collar small enough to fit him.














The trial week went well, he and Milly seemed to enjoy playing together. I could tell even now though, that this new puppy was determined to be top dog over Milly. He was very possessive and would growl when either Milly or I got close when he had food or a toy. He would also take toys away from her, so I knew I would have to be careful when training him. Still, we had fallen for this scrawny little scrap and decided to keep him. As neither of us was particularly fond of the name Freddie – it suited him as a pup but I didn’t think he’d look like a Freddie once he was mature – we picked the name Milo, after a character in one of my books. He also received a new blue collar.

















It didn’t take the dogs long to get comfortable with each other, and Milo needed no urging to join Milly on the sofa.













He also developed his own unique sleeping style.


At five months old, he was nearly as big as Milly, and we began to wonder about the supposed Whippet part of his heritage. He was also outgrowing his blue puppy collar. Just how much larger might he get? 


For his first Christmas, Milo received a beautiful new collar from Kitsch Collars. Among other treats, of course!


Here is Milo at seven months old – now he only just fits on that cushion!


Now he is fully grown, and we believe he is a pure short haired Saluki. I chanced to meet a retired Saluki judge while out walking one day, and she told me she couldn’t see anything other than Saluki in him. It was quite a surprise! I have to say that if I’d intended to get a Saluki I would have bought the long haired type because they are so elegant, but I love my Milo just the same. I was told that a litter of Saluki pups can contain both long and short haired types, and I often wonder whether that was the reason Milo was abandoned. We will never know. He’s our beautiful, playful boy and we adore him.