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"Meadowsweet" comes from Chapter 4 of The Challenge - Book 1 in the second Artesans trilogy, Circle of Conspiracy. Sullyan and Taran are travelling to Port Loxton to meet with King Elias, and stop for the night at the Hazel Tree, an inn run by innkeeper Jed. While there, Sullyan renews her friendship with Fiann, a bard of high renown, who hails from the Second Realm, Sinnia. The two of them entertain the inn's patrons with music and song, and "Meadowsweet" is the second piece they play. Taran is captivated by both Sullyan and Fiann, unaware of the part the Sinnian bard will play in the mysterious Baron's treacherous plans.

"Meadowsweet" is a folk-style song sung by a soldier who is far away from his sweetheart. It speaks of his hope for the future and his love for the area where they live. The lyrics were written by Cas Peace. Vocals by Cas Peace; guitarists Dave Peace, David Snell, and David Shepherd. Arrangement: Shepherd/Snell.

Soon I will take my love in my arms
Hold her tightly and never let her go
Oh how we will walk and talk,
down through the fields that we love,
And the meadowsweet all around

Through all the long days I’ve been away
Marching, riding, fighting for my King
Thoughts of my sweetest girl
kept me warm on long, lonely nights
And the meadowsweet all around.

When I return and the fighting is done
We’ll be together and nevermore shall part
We’ll make a home at last
among the fields that we love,
And the meadowsweet all around. 


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