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The Dreamkeeper Lullaby was written to accompany my very good friend Mikey Brooks’ Middle-Grade fantasy novel The Dream Keeper. I worked with him on the novel and was struck by the idea that we all hear a lullaby before falling asleep, and this is what carries us into the Land of Dreams. I presented this Lullaby to him as a surprise, and thankfully, he loved it!


As ever, my thanks go to David Snell and David Shepherd for help with the music, recording and mixing of this song.




Come hear the lullaby, softly it’s calling you


Close you eyes and hear what it means


Let go of your waking, your slumbers are taking you


Into the Crossing to cross into Dreams


Come hear the lullaby, softly it speaks to you


Now is the time all your dreams to forsake


Come hear the lullaby, gently it carries you


Over the threshold and back to Awake.




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