King's Envoy: Artesans of Albia is a brilliant epic fantasy novel. The story begins with a really intense action scene that completely immersed me into the setting, and then it does its magic with really well developed characters and chemistry between them. As the reader goes through the story, they get to know the story's world bit by bit and how it operates, ranging from 5 different realms of existence, each with its own intelligent race, the political interactions between these races, as well as the ranks of those who can utilise magical abilities. The book keeps building up throughout, especially in the second half, delivering lots of tension and adventure, and we really start to understand what's at stake. Looking forward to book 2.
Matthew Ashworth.
I have just finished this fascinating novel, and I loved it. The plot of this story is wonderful, and as an amateur writer had me immediately thinking `I wish I'd thought of that.' The novel has depth of story, and the characters leap off the page. I also love the quality of the book, from the cover art, to the way the text is laid out, and the map and the glossary give that finishing touch, and help to gain a complete understanding of this rich fantasy world we are entering. Many congratulations to Cas Peace on this her debut novel, I can't wait for the next installment.
Lynette Bicknell
I was rivited from start to finish by this excellent fantasy novel. Action, intrigue, dirty tricks and humor combine to make this a great addition to the world of fantasy. Speaking of worlds, author Cas Peace creates a unique, yet convincing one, complete with all the heros and villains you could wish for, plus a good number of ordinary folk caught up in extraordinary events.
You can't beat a good baddie and the chief baddie is up there with Sauron, Sauraman and Ming the Mercieless. Great stuff.
Barry Tighe,
The Spawater Chronicles, Gieves to the Fore, and Flashman and the War Between the States.
Wow! I couldn't put this book down, it's superbly well written and nothing like anything I've read before, a must read for any fantasy book fan. Can't wait for the next book, counting down the days already!
Jan Church.
Taran Elijah is possessed of `the Artesan's craft' but has not yet reached his full potential. When treachery and danger threaten he sets off on a quest to into the fifth realm. The future of Albia lies in his hands but will he be strong enough to vanquish the evil forces?
King's Envoy is a fantasy, which is not my usual choice of genre, but the author approaches it with such confidence that I was soon sucked into this other realm and found myself really enjoying it.
The characters are convincing, the settings realistic and the action scenes gripping. Cas Peace's competent prose makes the reading effortless. This is Book one of Artesans of Albia and I look forward to reading the rest of the series and hope they are as good. King's Envoy will be a great hit with lovers of fantasy and adventure.
Judith Arnopp
Peaceweaver, The Forest Dwellers, and The Song of Heledd.
I do not want to repeat the blurb which can read above at the product.

My Expectations
Based on the blurb I expected a character driven story showing a formidable adventure with action elements and magic.

For me there are two major themes. We have a self-finding process which is inescapably connected with true friendship/love.

Now we come to the first highlight of the book. A fully developed world which consists of five realms. Do not worry. You do not get lost because this book does not leave the reader in the dark before, while and after reading the book. Two maps and a seven page appendix delivers all what a reader could wish. You will be thankful for that.
There is no easy way of traveling between the five realms because these are separated by a kind of magic. It reminded my of the border between North and South Korea. people know that there is more beyond the border but only a few can see it.
This separation led to different developments in each of the realms. King's Envoy is set in Albia (4th realm) and Andaryon (5th). I'm sure that will deliver more information about the other realms in King's Champion (book two, available August 2012) and in King's Artesan (book three, available August 2013). To be honest I would like to tell you more about this fascinating world but that would abridge your reading pleasure too much.

Plot and Character(s)
At first sight the plot looks quite simple. There is a young man wants to learn more about the metaforce - Taran Elijah is a young man is an Artesan. That means he belongs to a minority who is able to control metaforce through the elements fire, water, earth and air. But his knowledge is limited and he yearns to learn more. His unstoppable wish sets the wheel in motion which .....
No,no, no I do not tell you more about the story. I'm sure that exactly in this moment you start to think about what will happen.

Taran is not alone. There are more characters, varying from white to black. Some are that gray that it is impossible to say to which side the tend. Why do I see drooping corners of the mouth from fans of strong but loveable female characters? That is absolutely not necessary. Meet the powerful fragile Major Sully. And there are more interesting characters. The appendix delivers 40 more persons which are more or less important. Please do me and yourself a favor and avoid to read the character list before you read the book because the list contains a few spoiler.

I assume it will not hit you unexpected when I tell you that King's Envoy ends with a cliffhanger. You see there is no way out to avoid King's Champion and King's Artesan after reading King's Envoy.

To be honest I could not believe that King's Envoy is Cas Peace fantasy debut. She comes along as an engaged and experienced writer. Her writing is forcing when it comes to discoveries and revelations, fragile in every aspect of emotions, reverberating and thoughtful when comes to inner dialogue, Clear as a spring when it comes to landscape.

The Inevitable
What shall I say. Are you looking for a fantasy series which is compelling, powerful, fresh and fragile and nevertheless easy to read then you get both my thumbs up for King's Envoy by Cas Peace .
If you are looking for a dark,dirty and gritty book then please turn your head in an other direction.
Briennes elwyn,
Book Reviewer.
A mixture of cover art and back cover blurb really caught my attention with this book, something that doesn't happen very often these days and I wasn't disappointed in my choice. What is really a first instalment of a far wider story, King's Envoy really delivers on the high points of intrigue, suspense, strong characterisation, politics, relationships and an interesting system of magic, and makes it a great debut in the fantasy genre for Cas Peace. Given this as a benchmark, I have to say I believe I will become an avid reader of the series as it develops. A highly recommended novel, you'll be enthralled by it.
D. Gamble.