Welcome to Master of Malice, the tense, thrilling and much darker culmination of the triple-trilogy Artesans of Albia fantasy series.

In the third and final Artesans trilogy, Master of Malice, an old enemy resurfaces. A disquieting message reaches High King Elias in Port Loxton, causing him to send urgently for Brynne Sullyan. She undertakes a mission to uncover the truth and unearths yet more ominous portents. In her absence, evil besieges Port Loxton, forcing the King’s protectors to close the city down. Elias’s capital is brought to its knees.

Sullyan suspects a terrible truth, yet even she cannot guess at the malice about to be unleashed. This time, not even her great powers can prevent tragedy and brutality. Everything she knows and loves is about to be ripped from its roots.

The first novel in the Master of Malice trilogy is entitled The Scarecrow. Here is the back cover copy:

Master of Malice - The ScarecrowPure evil rises once again in Albia…

Three years have passed since Baron Reen’s trial. A terrible accident on the island of his exile has transformed him into a nightmarish scarecrow creature with dark, mysterious powers. Staging his own suicide, Reen breaks free of his prison and, with the help of the former queen Sofira, embarks on a ruthless quest for vengeance against his worst enemy, the woman responsible for the overthrow of his schemes and his own ruination: Brynne Sullyan.

Sullyan is tasked with investigating Reen’s suicide. The missing body and a series of disasters in Port Loxton—a vicious murder, a brutal ambush, and a devastating fire—raise suspicions in her mind. She probes deeper, determined to uncover the truth, unsuspecting of the evil that’s about to be unleashed...

To read an excerpt, please follow The Scarecrow link.


The second novel is entitled The Captives. Here's the back cover copy:

Master of Malice - The CaptivesA city besieged by evil…

Secure in his stolen stronghold, Baron Reen continues to sow chaos in Albia’s capitol. Nowhere is safe from his malice and the King’s Guard is powerless to stop him. Crucial pieces of his plan are falling into place and soon his vengeance will be complete. All he lacks is the final game piece that will force his archenemy to her knees before him.

Sullyan works frantically to solve the mystery of Reen’s newfound powers. She knows she is getting closer to the truth, but will she be too late to save the scarecrow’s captives?

To read an excerpt, please follow The Captives link.


The third and final novel in the series is entitled The Gateway.
The scarecrow’s evil knows no bounds …

Robin’s fate plunges Brynne Sullyan into despair. With vengeance her only desire, she races to the scarecrow’s lair in Bordenn. But Reen’s power is greater than she knows, and his trap is cunningly set. Sullyan is faced with a terrible choice: surrender to the scarecrow and see the Veils destroyed with her own power, or abandon her loved ones to an eternity of torment.

The only glimmer of hope lies in rediscovering an ancient Artesan discipline that is the stuff of legend. With nothing to go on but a page from a long-dead Supreme Master’s diary—and a vague message from beyond the Void—Sullyan embarks on a desperate search for the Gateway to the realm of Spirit.
Yet even hope has its price, and the Gateway demands a terrible toll.

To read an excerpt, please follow The Gateway link.