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The Ballad of Tallimore is the song that features in King’s Champion, Book 2 of the Artesans of Albia fantasy trilogy. It is a sea shanty at heart – the sort of song sailors would sing while at work in the rigging or at other mundane tasks aboard a sailing ship. I based Tallimore around some of the old traditional sea songs that speak of where fishermen believe they go when they die. Fiddler’s Green is one example. More information on Fiddler’s Green can be found on Wikipedia.

In my novel, Sullyan uses phrases from the song to gain the initial trust of a rough band of “free traders” (we would call them pirates) that have gathered in the Hierarch’s capital, Caer Vellet, in search of wealth. Drawn by his amnesty for anyone who answers his call to battle, the seamen prove too undisciplined to be useful.When Sullyan realises she must demonstrate her leadership skills in the field, Ky-shan’s group of pirates are the only men she is offered. She uses The Ballad of Tallimore to show them she understands something of their lives, and to gain her the chance to impress them. She also uses a paraphrased verse from the song to bid them farewell. To wish someone a “broad reach to Tallimore” is to give a seaman’s blessing.

In this recording, the main vocals are myself Cas Peace, and my brother, David Snell. The chorus (the manly crew!) are David Snell, David Shepherd, and Dave Peace. The musicians are David Snell, David Shepherd and Dave Peace. Recording and mixing by Shepherd/Snell.

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Lyrics. Shepherd/Snell

How blow the winds across the Triple Sea?

They blow hard, fast and strong.

Now chart a course for that golden shore

Where we can rest with wine and song.

Pull steadily on the oars boys,

We take to the sea once more

So set the sails for the last time

For it’s a broad reach to Tallimore.

We sail with the morning tide

And as our compass holds true

Sail into the sun setting on the shore

Where ere we will meet, me and you.



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