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Artesans is a towering, triple-trilogy fantasy series charting the attempts of a fanatical Albian Baron to rid his realm of the Artesan craft he despises. Throughout the course of the series he stops at nothing to achieve his aim. Friend is set against friend, lover against lover, and ally against ally. His treacherous machinations set the very realms at war.

He is opposed at every turn by Major Sullyan, a member of the High King’s fighting forces. Initially unaware of the Baron’s treachery, Sullyan soon becomes his sworn and implacable enemy. Their conflict will threaten the fabric of the world.

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The first trilogy is entitled Artesans of Albia, the first novel of which is King’s Envoy, an Amazon UK Bestseller. Here is the back cover copy:

King's ArtesanTaran Elijah’s quest for knowledge uncovers a plot that threatens the world...

In Albia, the fourth realm, the precious Artesan gift is dying. Although born to the craft, Taran is struggling to achieve his potential. Against his friends’ advice, he embarks on a foolhardy plan to acquire the teaching he craves. Alone, he crosses into Andaryon, the fifth realm, but instead of finding a mentor, he stumbles upon a treacherous plot.

In the wake of Taran’s actions, Albia suffers a series of vicious raids. Major Sullyan of the High King’s forces is sent to oppose them. But a dark and treacherous force is moving through the realms and both Taran and Sullyan will feel its power.

Their craft, the lives of their friends, the very existence of their realm are under threat unless they expose and oppose the evil.

To read an excerpt, please follow the King’s Envoy Excerpt link. 

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The second novel in the Artesans of Albia trilogy is King's Champion. Here is the back cover copy:

King's ChampionAfter surviving brutal torture and escaping from Lord Rykan's dungeons, Major Sullyan is trapped in Andaryon, too injured to cross the Veils. Slowly dying yet determined to find some purpose in the shattered remains of her life, she travels to the Andaryan capital to offer the Hierarch her sword and Artesan gifts in the fight against Rykan and his army. Because women hold no power in Andaryon, Sullyan is met with prejudice, hostility, and suspicion.

Before she can seek vengeance on the field of battle, she must prove herself to the Hierarch's generals. Finding support from the unlikeliest sources, Sullyan formulates a plan to defeat Rykan and end his bid for the throne. The fate of two realms depends on her success, but her strength is fading fast and time is running out. 

To read an excerpt, follow the King’s Champion excerpt link.

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King’s Artesan is the third Artesans of Albia novel. Read on for the back cover copy:

King's ArtesanUnable to purge herself of the poison that is slowly killing her, Major Sullyan remains trapped in Andaryon. The only thing that can save her is the Staff, which still lies buried in Taran's cellar.

Robin Tamsen sets out on a desperate quest to recover the artifact, but the enemy is two steps ahead of him. Sonten knows where the Staff is, and he will stop at nothing to get it back. If he does, Sullyan's life will be forfeit and no Artesan will be safe.

The race for the Staff has begun.

To read an excerpt, follow the King's Artesan excerpt link.

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