Here's what readers are saying about Book One: King's Envoy

‘A wonderfully written, unique story that truly stands out.’ Mark Mayfield, former Editor-in-Chief, House Beautiful Magazine, New York       

‘Beautifully crafted, a joy to read.’ Fantasy author Raven Dane.       

‘Thrilling, imaginative and a great read.’ Fred Le Grand, The Cyclist.       

‘Amazing fantasy, this book is so good! A great sense of world building, the Artesan connection grows stronger and more fascinating with each character. A premium effort from a confident writer, someone who knows fantasy and its readers well. King's Envoy is a great read!’ Gerry Dailey, avid reader and reviewer.       

‘This is something very special. Sublime, engaging, really very, very good.’Mat Jackson, So Shall Ye Reap.


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