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Morgan’s Song (All That We Are) is the main song from King’s Artesan, Book 3 in the Artesans of Albia fantasy series. The song is a recurring theme in many of the other novels in the series. Please go to the bottom of this page to play or download the song for free.

The idea that everyone has a soul song has long fascinated me, and Morgan’s Song is Sullyan’s. In the novel the melody is an ancient one, its composer long forgotten. I got this idea from the Irish song Danny Boy, whose origins are lost in the mists of time.


In my novels, Sullyan’s father Morgan, who was a skilled bard, took an ancient tune and used it to pen a love song for his sweetheart, Bethyn, Sullyan’s mother. Sullyan herself absorbed this song while still unborn, for Bethyn died giving birth to her daughter and Morgan died soon after. Sullyan finds that the song gives her comfort in times of stress, even before she knows her connection to it. It plays a unique part in King’s Artesan, and again in the final trilogy of the series, Master of Malice.


Lyrics by Peace/Snell, vocals by Cas Peace, music by Shepherd/Snell. Musicians, David Snell, David Shepherd.


Morgan’s Song (All That We Are).


Earth speaks in tones of soil, wood and stone


An echo that runs through all that we are.


Its presence and power sustain on their own


But your love gives life meaning, your heart is my home.


Water’s music gives birth to the soul


Its essence surrounds us, feeds all that we are


The hard rain, wild sea, the softness of snow,


Run deep within us, as Love itself flows.


Fire of the sun pours warmth through the leaves


Life’s cradle of heat gives us all that we are


Light for our eyes and the life that we see,


Kindling true friendship, your love kindles me.


Air with a soft sigh, or raging with force,


Filling the spaces of all that we are.


Tempests and zephyrs, the clouds upon their course,


Its voice sings so sweetly when Love is the source.


Now Spirit rise up and join all these as one


The core of our being, of all that we are


The source of all loving, the heart’s labours done


When two spirits join, when two souls sing one song.




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